Photographs and videos make us smile when they remind us of a special day, moment or memory. We all love to capture our loved ones and special moments as photographs and videos. But it is very difficult to enjoy both the moment and capturing it at the same time. Therefore, it is very important to have a perfect camera partner for your special moments who can capture your special day and make it memorable.

Wedding, Pre-Wedding and Post Wedding Shoots-

We Indians love weddings and why not, when the wedding is of our loved ones? Rudrakshaa helps to make your wedding special by covering the most of it with advanced cameras, lenses and pieces of equipment. Rudrakshaa is backed up with a team of skilled and experienced camera persons who have covered many events and even celebrity shoots.

We have all the types of equipment that are required for your wedding shoot, pre-wedding shoot and post-wedding shoot to capture the best moments into pictures and videos. We bring special types of equipment which is used for recording clear audio and we merge it with the video to deliver the best output to our clients.

Rudrakshaa- Your Perfect Camera Partners: 

We cover every bit of your special day so that you don’t miss a thing as you will be able to see it over and over again. Rudrakshaa provides you with the best solution for your covering your and your loved ones’ wedding such as the number of camera and camera persons, pieces of equipment required, props, lightings etc. You can completely rely on Rudrakshaa for covering the wedding as we promise utmost quality in our services.

Corporate Shoot, Product Shoot, and Ads-

With the help of our extremely skilled team of cameramen and support persons, Rudrakshaa has successfully covered many corporate events in the past. You can get the best pictures and videos of your corporate events by hiring Rudrakshaa. Rudrakshaa also provides services such as product shoot and ads shoot to make your advertising campaign much more effective. We all know what looks better, sells higher. Therefore, contact our team of experts now and get you corporate shoot, product shoot, ads shoot now.

Rudrakshaa- Perfect Audio, Video and Photography Partner-

Rudrakshaa has the team of finest cameramen and support person who can shoot and cover your event with immense professionalism. Don’t worry about our prices as we provide customized solutions for every client’s requirements. We will provide you with the best solution for your event which comes in your budget.