Sagan ceremony is a function hosted by both the groom’s and the bride’s family. Sagan ceremony is the tradition of Punjabi wedding, that is held ahead of the wedding. The bride’s parents put a tika on the groom’s forehead to respect him. Nowadays, Hindu families are also enjoying sagan function. Rudrakshaa Banquet in Ghaziabad is the best destination for the Sagan as it fulfils all of your requirements at one place.

Everyone wants a beautiful location for their function whether it is a birthday party, Mehandi, sagan, wedding, reception party as well. These customs come to celebrate once in a lifetime, so we help you to make it extra special. Enjoy your sagan ceremony at Rudrakshaa banquet in Vaishali near a metro station, Ghaziabad.

Sagan is the function held with the Mehandi ceremony. The groom’s family gift to the bride a chunni that bride must put her head on during the Sagan ceremony. Rudrakshaa Banquet for sagan purpose in Ghaziabad is perfect because the banquet provides plenty of services to make your celebration extremely stellar.

For Sagan ceremony, Rudrakshaa banquet hall offers digital photography with the help of a professional photographer. Rudrakshaa banquet is one of the top banquet halls in Ghaziabad. This amazing banquet hall provides you with all the arrangements and facilities. Also, the Rudrakshaa is very cost-effecting in comparison to any other banquet halls in New Delhi/NCR.

As everyone knows, sagan ceremony is all about the togetherness of two unknown families, enjoyment, love, and dance, music as well. Rudrakshaa provides DJ and music service as well as the catering services.

Service of Rudrakshaa Banquet for sagan ceremony –

  • Floral decoration
  • Well-organized catering service
  • Staff to assist you
  • Menu for Indian, North Indian, and Punjabi dishes
  • Cost-effective arrangement
  • Small, medium, and large halls
  • Digital photography service

Enjoy your sagan party in Rudrakshaa banquet and make unforgettable memories. Another key point is, the splendour venue is located near Vaishali metro station in Ghaziabad that catches the people’s attraction. It provides you with an ample parking space with a capacity of 500 cars. Get your bookings now at the best banquet hall of Delhi/NCR.